Wow!! This thing is so long!

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Wow!! This thing is so long!, originally uploaded by waynekorea.

A guy getting some help tying his turban. It was fascinating to see how much material is in that thing.A Street shot from Jodhpure

Jalalabad cattle fair,India

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Jalalabad cattle fair,India, originally uploaded by Vivek Badoni.

While travelling to Dehradun by road i came across cattle fair..its seems he sold all his horses..its a contemplation time now

Return to the Village

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Return to the Village, originally uploaded by Klas Öjebo.

A girl and her father returning to their village through the forest below McLeod Ganj in the morning, with milk and some hand picked herbs, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Kondh Male

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Kondh Male, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

Dongria Kondh tribe of eastern India, the Niyamgiri Hills in which they have lived for thousands of years, are agitating against a mining company with its eye on rich mineral deposits is about to displace the entire tribe and end their way of life for ever.
A photo exhibition was held at New Delhi recently to highlight their problems.A couple of tribals were present along with sponsors of exhibition to meet visitors.Here are some photos I took at exhibition


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Siesta, originally uploaded by maxaud.

Siesta of a Rickshaw puller. A street shot from pondichery , Tamilndadu.

Through corridor

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Through corridor, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

Hazrat Nasiruddin Mahmud Chirag-e-Delhi [1](ca 1274-1356) was a 14th century mystic-poet and a Sufi Saint of Chishti Order. He was a murid (disciple) of noted Sufi saint, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya [2], and later khalifa, his successor [3][4]. He was the last important Sufi of Chishti Order from Delhi [5].

He was given the title, "Roshan Chirag-e-Delhi", which in Hindi and Urdu, means "Illuminated Lamp of Delhi" [6].

Two to Tango

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Two to Tango, originally uploaded by Frame of Reference.

This is a picture of two poor fishermen, analysing the catch after scooping for fish in the shallow end of a lake. If you look closer there is some fish in the net.

The place where this picture is shot, is like a back water lake. When the tide is high, the sea breaks the sand barrier and floods the place. The place serves as a good habitat for fishes, crabs and birds.


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Clean, originally uploaded by NXCVD.

The Ganges takes in all your days & nights grime and in turn makes you holier.

Guwahati, Assam

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Guwahati, Assam, originally uploaded by east med wanderer.

An artisan making clay and straw images for use in religious ceremonies

Fruit Seller

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Fruit Seller, originally uploaded by Klas Öjebo.

Fruit seller on the street in the outskirts of Pathankot, Punjab, India.

sudden joys

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sudden joys, originally uploaded by Sayantan Bera.

a young mother with her child... madhya pradesh, india


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Shaman, originally uploaded by Antoni Myśliborski.

White shaman from Europe performs magical tricks :)
A shot from Ladakh.

Children of the Great Thar Desert

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Monstly empty on a first glace, the Great Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India is home to amazing children, who appear seemingly out of nowhere as soon as you get off your camel. These children and their families have found ingenious ways to get by in this harsh environment.

Kawal wildlife sanctuary

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his is what it is :)

- Vijju taking a portrait shots of Gaur (Indian Bison) in a close range :) That was a wild chase... we were around 10 people chasing a heard of Bison's for around a mile. Occasionally taking some photographs. That was awesome experience.

HWS- Hyderabad Weekend Shoots - Photowalk #8
Kawal wildlife sanctuary Tour - Jun 13-14

A caring hand

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A caring hand, originally uploaded by Bindaas Madhavi.

A Teacher has to wear so many hats beside just imparting knowledge. First he/she becomes the parent outside the home and then comes everything else.
A primary school child being asked lovingly and caringly by a teacher as to why she was dull and what she was looking around for in the corridor!


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DINNER TIME, originally uploaded by manumint.

Naresh cooking dinner.

Naresh is cook & caretaker of "Conifer Lodge & restaurant" in Bhagsu
(upper McLeod Ganj).
A shot fromDharmashala , Himachal Pradesh, India.

Varkala Temple Festival

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Varkala Temple Festival, originally uploaded by cjb22.

2 teams, perhaps consisting of 4 villages have to make circuits of the temple carrying this heavy wooden tower. The times I saw this, they usually made between 3 and 6 circuits. The idea is to not let the 'legs' of the tower touch the floor - if you do, you lose and the other side wins - and then its all over and the winners go mental. It seems highly competitive and dangerous and I'm quite amazed i did'nt see any injuries or deaths.
One idea is to push these wooden legs or above your head, therefore putting a greater share of the weight on the other side. I'm sure organisation of your team or villages can help alot the chances of winning, yet I saw no real organisation or any team leaders - but that the amazing thing with India and Indians - organised chaos - an order exists but not as Europeans would know it. Lots of drunken wildness and crazy dancing when one side had won (although it seems not so unusual for both sides to think they have won - but nobody cared!) and the police were standing by to wade in to wack people with their sticks if things got out of hand, which they invariably did, although considering the situation, everybody was quite well- behaved, although the girls and women wisely stay out of the temple precinct during this carry on, preferring the relative safety of the rooftops of surrounding houses.

red & yellow

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red & yellow, originally uploaded by Le_petit_Nicolas.

two woman in mumbai making a phone call on a public phone

India's economic boom 2

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India's economic boom 2, originally uploaded by bag_lady.

A family scavenging on a rubbish tip in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi - every rupee counts for many families.


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Aghori, originally uploaded by Adam @ Earth.

Member of the Aghori, those who worship Shiva the god of death. Covered in cremation ashes and holding up a black painted human skull, from which he eats and drinks. He lives by the burning ghats in Varanasi, where Indian pilgrlms often come to die and be cremated by the Ganges river.


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R..U…N…..., originally uploaded by Ragesh Vasudevan.

Behind every success , there will be a women ….But the reality ……


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India-3, originally uploaded by Klas Öjebo.

Tibetan lady outside a shop in the Tibetan Colony, Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi.


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Kottiyoor, originally uploaded by Kummatti.

A very ancient Siva Temple situated here attracts lakhs of devotees every year.
Kottiyoor is small town situated in Kannur district, bordered byWayanad district, in the Indian state of Kerala.

Bath Time

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Bath Time, originally uploaded by Ecar.

This show was taken from Khera Deogarh, Rajasthan, India

Kolkata's Rickshaw puller.

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Kolkata's Rickshaw puller., originally uploaded by newdeb2007.

Rickshaw - originally a Japanese concept meaning human powered vehicle was introduced in Kolkata by Chinese immigrants in the 19th Century. It continues in the modern age despite it degrading the human values in one man pulling another.


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Yawn, originally uploaded by Antoni Myśliborski.

Monks in Lingshed gompa in Ladakh.

chilling on a break

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chilling on a break, originally uploaded by Sayantan Bera.

a Buddhist monk, between prayers
bodhgaya, bihar.


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Pillayar, originally uploaded by Christian Lagat.

Chidambaram - Tamil Nadu - South India.
At the bottom of the East gopuram , main entrance of the Shiva Nataraja Temple (see previous picture), is a little shrine dedicated to Ganesha (Pillayar in Tamil).
At night fall, this gopuram is enlightened by huge floodlights (godsends for a non - SLR digital camera, therefore very noisy at 400 asa!

Mobile Market! - Tamil Nadu, India

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I followed this man as he wobbled along the rural back roads near Chidamburam stopping along the way to sell his brightly coloured wares.

Procession, Pahar Ganj, Delhi

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Pahar Ganj has its fair share of parades and festivals. This one seemed to be connected with Sai Baba and some of Delhi's best bands were taking part

Kadri Kambala

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Kadri Kambala, originally uploaded by SainathKM.

Kambala is traditionally a buffalo race. The 'track' used for Kambala is a paddy field filled with slush. The contest generally takes place between two pairs of buffaloes, controlled by a whip-lashing farmer.

Goubert Fruits Seller

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Goubert Fruits Seller, originally uploaded by Christian Lagat.

Pondicherry - Union Territory of Pondicherry - South India.
Goubert, or Big Market. Nehru Street.
A market is often a magic place, with so many colors and smells, with his high in colour sellers and customers; So is the Poncherry market.
With its blue and yellow plastic hangings under the sun, the light is great.
Its very nice to have a stroll here, talking, and taking pictures...

Essence of Jaipur

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Essence of Jaipur, originally uploaded by sharat_kolke.

The painted elephant getting ready to take someone on a joyride in the pinkcity with the Hawa Mahal in the background and the rickshawallahs epitomise what is essentially Jaipur.

Yellow. Veraval

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Yellow. Veraval, originally uploaded by entrelec.

Wooden boats in renewing in Veraval harbour. These boats are all wood builded. Some poor people like this woman come here to get some pieces of wood for cooking.

Street scene, India

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Street scene, India, originally uploaded by witness108.

Returning from a day of hard work, carrying fire wood as fuel for cooking at home. This shot was taken from goa.

The Lost Daughter.

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The Lost Daughter., originally uploaded by Silent Resilience.

"I work 15 hours a day.
Get no insurance or sick days.
I have no savings and no home. Do you still think your life isn't that good enough?"


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Kottackal Chandra Sekharan performs as Dharmaputhrar in "GANDHARI VILAPAM "

Kathakali: (Malayalam: കഥകളി, pronounced [kət̪ʰəkəɭi]) is a highly stylised classical Indian dance-drama noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. It originated in the country's southern state of Kerala during the 16th century AD, approximately between 1555 and 1605, and has been updated over the years with improved looks, refined gestures and added themes besides more ornate singing and precise drumming ./wikipedia/

boat across the moat

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boat across the moat, originally uploaded by Santosh PM.

Just trying out a crop of my original posted here earlier...
This man is taking the old woman across the small canal. The canal is used for water transport and I was in a boat passing through this canal when I shot this one.
Shot on Kottayam Alleppey boat ride, Dec 30, 2008

'A People's Party'

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'A People's Party', originally uploaded by anupama kinagi.

Congress Party supporters, during the Lok Sabha Election Rally, at MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai, India, April 26, 2009.
Congress lead UPA won again in the election.

Devotees lighting candles

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Devotees lighting candles, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

Guru Nanak Dev (20 October1469– 22 September 1539), was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Gurus of the Sikhs. Nanak was born in a Bedi family of Hindu Khatri clan, in the village of Rāi Bhōi , now called Nankana Sahib, near Lahore (in present-day Pakistan)
He is revered not only by Sikhs, but also by Hindus and Muslims in the Punjab and across the Indian subcontinent His primary message to society was recorded to be"devotion of thought and excellence of conduct as the first of duties"
Guru Nanak’s birthday as per Hindu calender was celebrated yesterday.Here Hindu and Sikh devotees are lighting candles at Bangla Sahib Gurdwara(Temple