forget about the dead they will not follow you

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Azgari bi was helpless. I spotted her a stooped knot roaming around the jawaharlal nehru hospital in old bhopal, trying to locate the saline room. She could barely walk. A victim of the 1984 bhopal gas leak she had suffered from recurrent nausea and failing eyesight. When asked how old she is she would say seventy or eighty. her husband passed away in the years following the disaster, now her only son refuses to take care of her. Here she was 25 years after, roaming the corridors to find a paramedic who will push some saline through her veins. There were tears in her eyes: she could not garner the strength to get up to use the bathroom. The needle pushed through her veins, the hospital staff had disappeared.

Revisiting the victims of the 1984 bhopal gas disaster and the continuing travesty of justice. november 2009.

from Indo Tibeten border

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, originally uploaded by C.Stramba.

young boy from the beautiful village of Chitkul. Chitkul is the last inhabited village near the Indo-Tibet border; the Indian road ends here..


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HI!, originally uploaded by bag_lady.

Living in a mostly corrugated tin house at the edge of the lake, this little girl came running out to wave. Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir.

Hot, Very Hot

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Hot, Very Hot, originally uploaded by Richard Buttrey.

This is what happens when you spot meter off someone's face in Rajasthan, India, in the summer when it's 45 degrees centigrade and you're using transparency film.

I'm choosing to call this 'high key', because actually I quite like the effect.

This chap was the absolutely gentlemanly custodian of the Samode Palace's magnificent 250 year old banqueting hall - owned by the Maharaja of Jaipur.

Yashica TLR of unknown vintage.

Nothing matters.... But the Hukka....

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Life in Kashmir... Not at all easy...Constant fear of terrorism....
But still people live... Live happily... Live strongly... And most importantly... They all are good human beings... Very polite... Helpful...
I just feel that they deserve a better life... Life free from terror...
And in general.. all people should live life free from tobacco... :)

"tasher desh"

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"tasher desh", originally uploaded by Samir D.

Tasher Desh is one of Rabindranath Tagore's most famous dance operas, a unique genre he developed that was influenced by Western opera.

A Prince, tired of suffocating in his palace, goes in search of adventure. Accompanied by a far more conventional travelling companion, a Merchant, the mismatched pair get shipwrecked in the Land of Cards . Here the inhabitants are playing cards, well regulated and devoid of emotions. With the wild force of his personality, the Prince starts to effect change in the Cards and gradually their human qualities begin to emerge…

this photo was clicked in "Hindol 2010", Saltlake, Kolkata

Gentlemen, lay your cards on the table

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Besides that most games are a typical man thing,
the way of playing cards reflects a socio-cultural environment :
Men meeting on the village square,
knowing each other very well, challiging each other's luck in cards ...
the pokergames nowadays,
men trying to cheat each other by bluffing,
hiding their personality from each other in a mysterious aloofness.

Item numbers

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item numbers, originally uploaded by Sayantan Bera.

Men dressed as women dance to raunchy bollywood numbers at a weekly market in Bichiya, Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh. For a half an hour show one pays no more than five rupees- while the show is on the gatekeeper lifts the curtain at times for the passerby's to a peek-a-boo. The interesting bit is that women come to watch such shows along with children, though they sit separately from men. While in northern India such shows would be exclusively for men, women are more privileged in these areas populated by the gondh and baiga tribes.

At the pump

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Many homes in India do not have running water - something we take for granted in the west - it is considered a luxury in some parts of India. This is in Udaipur. I like the orange against the grey stone - and her nosering.