forget about the dead they will not follow you

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Azgari bi was helpless. I spotted her a stooped knot roaming around the jawaharlal nehru hospital in old bhopal, trying to locate the saline room. She could barely walk. A victim of the 1984 bhopal gas leak she had suffered from recurrent nausea and failing eyesight. When asked how old she is she would say seventy or eighty. her husband passed away in the years following the disaster, now her only son refuses to take care of her. Here she was 25 years after, roaming the corridors to find a paramedic who will push some saline through her veins. There were tears in her eyes: she could not garner the strength to get up to use the bathroom. The needle pushed through her veins, the hospital staff had disappeared.

Revisiting the victims of the 1984 bhopal gas disaster and the continuing travesty of justice. november 2009.


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