prawn collection

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prawn collection, originally uploaded by Samir D.

i forget her name... she belongs to a fishing family.. her son collects small fishes from nearby seashore and finally she acquires the juvenile tiger-prawns from those fishes...

music in train

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music in train, originally uploaded by Samir D.

he is "Paresh Das", a folk-singer, sing in trains and earn his daily livelihood..

Bolpur, West Bengal

Three Men

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Three Men, originally uploaded by SatyarthMishra.

In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you. The people and circumstances around you do not make you what you are, they reveal who you are.

(Three best friends, they sit at the same spot everyday and stare, all around, all they do is just stare. Malad Western Express Highway, near Pathanwadi. 17th August, 2010.)

Children Participating in Independence Day Celebration

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Happy Independence Day

Let's Sail

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Let's Sail, originally uploaded by Maulindu Chatterjee.

Fishermen preparing to dive deep into the sea with their trusted boat late afternoon. Shankarpur beach, West Bengal, India

Life is Part Joy, Part Sorrow

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An indian family definitely below poverty line. They are content with their own lives. The children are not going to any school, and the world is their playground. They have only logs and leaves as toys.

It is sometimes hard to imagine that such life also exists in the very same world where we are staying.