GIRLS, Girls, girls

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GIRLS, Girls, girls, originally uploaded by oochappan.

Madurai - city
Photo taken at the Madurai Police Quarters on Republic Day. Girls, girls, school girls also this group was waiting to get on stage for their dance performance.

Some of the faces seem yellowish, indeed some used turmeric powder to avoid skin dammage by sun, a habit in Tamil Nadu, very effective, it prevends skin cancer


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ammOru, originally uploaded by Bindaas Madhavi.

The ladies sometimes dress up and play the part of Goddess Kali in the Angry state!!
The belief is that when they do that at times the Goddess really enters their spirit and talks to the devotees thru them.


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Again...!!, originally uploaded by harimenon4u.

An oracle during kodugallore bharani festival ,Thrissur Kerala
Am clicking his pics from last 3 years, his name is Raman , and his expressions priceless.

BAHUBALI - The realized one

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BAHUBALI - The realized one, originally uploaded by fixosign.

This statue of Gomateshwara - Bahubali in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India - is carved from a single stone 57 feet high.

The giant image was carved in 981 A.D.

Bahubali is a major figure in Jain hagiography. His story exemplifies the inner strength of Indian culture. He won everything from his brother and could have become an emperor, but he returned everything to the brother. Bahubali is considered the ideal of the man who conquers selfishness, jealousy, pride and anger.

KARMA and reincarnation could be escaped through the willed elimination of ego and desire.

The story of Alexander the Great's encounter in India with "naked philosophers" may refer either to Hindus or Jains. Plutarch calls them Gymnosophists. Here is Arrian's version from his Campaigns of Alexander, circa 117 CE:

In Taxila once, Alexander met some members of the Indian sect of wise men whose practice it is to go naked, and he so much admired their powers of endurance that the fancy took him to have one of them in his personal train. The oldest man among them, whose name was Dandamis (the others were his pupils), refused either to join Alexander himself or to permit any of his pupils to do so.

"If you, my lord", Dandamis is said to have replied, "are the son of God, why -- so am I. I want nothing from you, for what I have suffices. I perceive, moreover, that the men you lead get no good from their world-wide wanderings over land and sea, and that of their many journeyings there is no end. I desire nothing that you can give me; I fear no exclusion from any blessings which may perhaps be yours. India, with the fruits of her soil in due season, is enough for me while I live; and when I die, I shall be rid of my poor body -- my unseemly housemate"

These words convinced Alexander that Dandamis was, in a true sense, a free man; so he made no attempt to compel him.

daybreak glory

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daybreak glory, originally uploaded by laijuyesh.

An early morning view of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and statue of Saint poet Thiruvalluvar on the twine rock islet just off the shore from the mainland Kanyakumari .Thousands of tourists gathering to watch sunrise everyday from the southern tip which is the confluence of the three water-bodies - Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Shot from Kanyakumari ,Tamilnadu state.

Under The Weather !

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Under The Weather !, originally uploaded by Ragstatic.

This was taken at the river. A few kms from here the river meets the sea. there were some ripples, so I tamed it using a slightly longer exposure .:o)

This is DRI from 3 RAW images. No Filters - h/w or s/w. The colors of the sky come froma wee bit of light from the setting sun hitting the dark clouds.

The clouds were moving real fast and the boat drifting abiout.

From Kundapura (Kannada: ಕುಂದಾಪುರ) Udupi district in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Army keeping Eternal Vigil - Amarnath Pilgrimage

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Reckless Terrorist Group disturbs the Amarnath Pilgrimage every year. This year they planned to cause very serious disturbance. Indian Army is keeping an eternal vigil through out the route and in the Shrine.

We appreciate and applaud their actions

Free monsoon shower...!! priceless

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its heavy showers here in Kerala..:) and its raining everywhere........!!

And one Umbrella is not good enough..:)

India :: Monsoons !! Grass is greener on ....?

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I've been away travelling on work, and then joined my family for a week of holiday in my maternal hometown - Kundapur.

This is the peak Monsoon period. It just pours probably 70% of the time and "pours" it does. Watch the Monsoon feast of uploads comin up ;-)

Kundapura / Kundapur town is surrounded by water from three sides (North - Panchagangavali river, East - Kalaghar water, river, West - Kodi back waters, and further west, Arabian sea), leaving south side as main connecting land mass. The only place I have seen where you can see the river and sea side by side divided by a road and in some places you see the flow into the sea.

marriage ceremony

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marriage ceremony, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

A group wedding was arranged by group of social workers for economically weaker families.People got together to finance expenditure and provide gifts to newly weds.

Holla mohalla festival of Punjab,INDIA

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If one has to see and understand real punjab one should visit its villages or come n see its festivals specially rural ones.
This is holla mohalla festival in anandpur sahib.. scene full of fun n masti ..dare devil nihangs ( sikh warriors) all from close not advisable.

Kanwarias and their fantastic kanwar

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In the month of Savan or the first month of the monsoons, devotees of lord shiva in various parts of india, make a strange trip. when a prayer in the form of a wish is sent to the lord, it is also promised by a devotee as to she/he will go through if the wish is fulfilled. devotees of mahadeva promise such a trip. usually, depending on the part of country you are in you go to the river ganges fill your vessels with her waters and carry them back to a place where you pour it --could be another river, could be local temple. a popular destination for people in the north is to go to Haridwar and return on foot to their native places. this fetching and pouring of the water by the kanwaria is physically daunting. at times it means travelling on foot about 300 km and sometimes even more. the kanwar or the vessels are usually carried on the ends of a bamboo resting on ones shoulder . suspended at the two ends are the vessels carrying the holy water. the contraption shown here is a rarer kind not often seen and is being carried by four people. remember, at no time during this journey shall the kanwaria rest his kanwar on the ground!!

true prayers

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“The prayer of the farmer kneeling in his field to weed it, the prayer of the rower kneeling with the stroke of his oar, are true prayers heard throughout nature.”

Working in the fields

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Working in the fields, originally uploaded by sharat_kolke.

The pink stands out in sharp contrast to the earthy colors here and makes a striking picture which I could not resist.

reflections on a great life

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reflections on a great life, originally uploaded by fixosign.

M.K. Gandhi Father of Nation. A shot from public park Thrissur, Kerala.


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Mumbai, originally uploaded by KarthikCK.

Laborers resting after work - Mahim, Mumbai, India.

Desert Festival-Turban Tying

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Having tied a turban perfectly over one’s head is a matter of great prestige. The turban tying competition is one such experience the same royal fervor. The crowd cheers with joy seeing foreigners struggling to tie their ten yard long turbans in the best way they can.

Desert Festival in Jaisalmer-Rajasthan, is held in January or February every year on 'Purnima' or the full moon day. It is a three-day long festival and is the best showcase, one can ever want to view the rich and colorful and rich culture of the desert region of Rajasthan.

Uploaded by anupama

9 Agitation

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9 Agitation, originally uploaded by Angshuman Ghosh.

In the scorching mid-may heat and less than a month away from monsoons, farmers of the region still find themselves unable to release the loans promised to them by the Government. A shoot from Nagpure

Dalit Demands, JNU

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Dalit Demands, JNU, originally uploaded by Le Rétroviseur.

Destroy Mausmriti! Demolish the Varna Order!
Annihilate Caste!
A hoarding demonstrated by Dalit Students Union in Jawahar Lal Nehru University Campus, Delhi.

Holy Man

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Holy Man, originally uploaded by kianps.

A holy man considers the flames of a temple oil lamp after a pre-dawn Theyyam outside of Kannur, Kerala state.


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Jalebis, originally uploaded by sharat_kolke.

Fresh ghee (home made butter) fried Jalebis - A sweet indian dish coated with sugar syrup.

Street Life III

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Street Life III, originally uploaded by Ecar.

A street shot from Deogarh, Rajasthan, India


The Chair

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The Chair, originally uploaded by Klas Öjebo.

On the roof of the Skurbuchan Gompa, Ladakh


Desert Festival-Mr. Moustache

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In Mr. Moustache competition, men are honoured for the maintenance of their long, thick and attractive moustaches.

Desert Festival in Jaisalmer-Rajasthan, is held in January or February every year on 'Purnima' or the full moon day. It is a three-day long festival and is the best showcase, one can ever want to view the rich and colorful and rich culture of the desert region of Rajasthan.



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This photo was shot while moving out of Kibber Village (Spiti Valley, Himachal), during our bike ride from Mumbai to Ladakh in Sep-Oct 08.

Kibber village, at 4205m, claims to be the highest village in the world with a motorable road & electricity. Snowfall in 3rd week of September is a little early for this place...but then, we had backpacked ‘luck’ along with us = )

After 3 days of continuous snowfall we finally moved out of our crib. Everything around us was white...and the mountains as if engulfed by cotton...we felt like angels (or devils, if u please) in heaven.

We spiraled down 21 kms to Kaza, the main town of Spiti valley. The journey downward was nowhere being easy...right at the start my bike slipped on the snow. We had to ride on the tread marks, thankfully left by a rescue van that morning; making parts of the road visible through snow and muck.

And, the craziest was our rendezvous with a landslide that completely blocked our way, and it was a good exercise, both mental and physical, to figure our way out of it (the fag end of the video).

And yesss….evrything is on camera (how could we miss that !! ). Here’s the link...

Spiti Valley is also known as the 'fossil park of the world'. The three villages Kibber, Kaza and Kye fall on the route faovourite among those looking for fossils. Here's a video of our fossil hunt that ended at the doorstep of a small kid 'Tashi Dorje'...from whom we bought few of them...

Please vote for us for many such crazy moments and u'll never be disappointed;


A Bridge too Far !!!

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A Bridge too Far !!!, originally uploaded by Aksveer.

Taking a shortcut to the bazaar... This stream is a part of the river Narmada in Jabalpur, India.


Hazaamat (Shaving in India)

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A street shot from Chandigarh.Clicked inside the car.

The beach. Dwarka

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The beach. Dwarka, originally uploaded by entrelec.

In Dwarka, an important place for Krishna pilgrimage, pilgrims use to take a holy bath in three places; the last one is the beach. As usual, after this they use to dry the saris in the wind.

Evening Conversation

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Evening Conversation, originally uploaded by Klas Öjebo.

Two friends in conversation in a lane in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Young dancers

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Young dancers inside the Virupaksha temple in the town of Hampi.

Desert Festival

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Desert Festival, originally uploaded by anupama kinagi.

Inaugural Procession (Shobha Yatra) in Jaisalmer-Rajasthan.
The dream voyage of the tourists begins with an Inaugural procession, which exhibits the life and culture of the desert. Stunning Rajasthani women dressed in traditional costumes, balancing a pile of decorated earthen pots to grace the occasion. They sing songs, requesting god to shower his blessings on all those who have come for this auspicious event.
The procession led by the proud rider of the BSF atop camels, begin from the Sonar Fort and marches toward the Poonam Singh Stadium for the finale inaugural ceremony.

The Painter of Delhi

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The Painter of Delhi, originally uploaded by CGNAO.

On his way home after a long day painting I'm sure.

Chhau Bengal2

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Chhau Bengal2, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

Chhau dance (or Chau dance) is form of tribal martial dance attributed to origins in Mayurbhanj princly state of Orissa.and seen in the Indian states of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa. There are three subtypes of the dance, based on the original places where the subtypes were developed. Seraikella Chau was developed in Seraikella, the administrative head of the Seraikela Kharsawan district of Jharkhand, Purulia Chau in Purulia district of West Bengal and Mayurbhanj Chau in Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. Purulia Chhau
Chhau in West Bengal, referred to as the Purulia Chhau, has a distinctive character of its own. It has received international acclaim and scaled rare heights of beauty and perfection. The approved theme of the West Bengal tableaux in the 1995 Republic Day celebrations at New Delhi was Chhau dance. Essentially a festival dance, Chhau was originally performed on the occasion of the Sun Festival towards the end of the month of Chaitra (March-April). The situation has changed with time, as Chhau is now performed during some other festivals and at other times of year as well.[1]
The Chhau dance is epical in content, and is based on various episodes of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Sometimes certain episodes of the Puranas are also used. The dominant rasas are Vira and Rudra. In the end, generally, forces of evil are vanquished and the righteous triumphs. In the villages, no dais or raised platform is used; the dance takes place on the ground around which, the spectators sit in a circle. When performing outside their villages the dancers often use the stage.
source wikipedia

jewels of the jungle

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jewels of the jungle, originally uploaded by Sayantan Bera.

the primitive baiga tribes of central india... shy and gentle in disposition, a few decades earlier they would run and hide inside the jungles when civilized outsiders entered their settlement