India :: Monsoons !! Grass is greener on ....?

12:37 AM / Posted by li i /

I've been away travelling on work, and then joined my family for a week of holiday in my maternal hometown - Kundapur.

This is the peak Monsoon period. It just pours probably 70% of the time and "pours" it does. Watch the Monsoon feast of uploads comin up ;-)

Kundapura / Kundapur town is surrounded by water from three sides (North - Panchagangavali river, East - Kalaghar water, river, West - Kodi back waters, and further west, Arabian sea), leaving south side as main connecting land mass. The only place I have seen where you can see the river and sea side by side divided by a road and in some places you see the flow into the sea.


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