Walking their way to freedom and success..

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Indian women have come a long way in claiming their rightful positions as leaders from just being the lady behind the success of Man..but parts of the country and society could still use a lot education on empowering women..
Shot during the visit to Coorg..

India, Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho

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A family I befriended on a stroll through the countryside near Khajuraho. The children are standing with their grandmother.

Decriminalize homosexuality!!

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Lighting a candle to commemorate decriminalizing of homosexuality in India, a shot from Gay celebration , New Delhi.

Chain of support for indian gays.

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A shot from Indian gay celebration, New Delhi

another brick in the wall, near dwarka

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Portrait of a quarry worker's family, against wall made piling stones without any cement.

Hard labour

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hard labour, originally uploaded by Handheld-Films.

Women farm labourers, working in the open under the intense heat of the morning sun, in a dried-up lake (usually one of the main sources of water for this rural area, in northern Rajasthan)

e waste

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e waste, originally uploaded by Sayantan Bera.

With the government regulations set to target informal units for their risky and polluting ways, thousands await an uncertain future. Informal scrap dealers unit, Shastri Park, Delhi.

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

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Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, originally uploaded by sanjayausta.

Like most forts in India this fort was built on a hill too. Its quite a walk up to the fort and once you reach on the top you get a splendid view of Hyderabad. Much of Golconda fort was destroyed by the rampaging armies of Aurengzeb.

A Village Girl

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Village girls do enormous work at home and at the fields. They carry water fetch by fetch, collect fuel wood, cook, clean, wash, take care of siblings and act like little mothers.