Parijat Academy

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Parijat Academy
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Parijat Academy

It was a long conceived vision of Uttam Teron to instil love for learning in the underprivileged children whose parents have to struggle hard to make both ends meet. The Parijat Academy is the realisation of that vision.
A majority of the parents of these children labour hard to earn their livelihood and also sell home made rice beer to meet their family expenditure.
Established in 2003, and starting with just four children in a small room with a pair of desk and bench, this secular and non profit school at present has 478 students.
Education is free for these children, who are now learning subjects like Assamese, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Moral Education, Drawing, Recitation and Music.
What is really a treat to the eyes is the view of these children, who would have never gone to a school, punching at the keyboards of the computer.
The school also has library facility for the children, which is being supported by a non resident Assamese couple.
The school covers nine tribal villages – Pamohi, Mahguapra, Deosutal, Garchuk, Mainakhorong, Dhalbama, Nowagaon, Garoghuli and Garbhanga.
Though not too far away from the capital, this area is plagued by myriad problems. The area lacks health care facilities. The literacy rate is very low. Children, specially the girls, are required to take care of household works and are deprived of education.
“We want 100 percent poor children to be educated. For this, Parijat Academy is providing free education to the children. It will take 15 to 20 years to bring the desired change in this area. It is a long term project. But we have made a beginning,” said Uttam Teron.
The hilly track to Garbhanga is motorable only during winter. Amidst this gloomy atmosphere, Uttam Teron is bringing rays of hope to the people. Uttam is planning to adopt two schools in Garbhanga and sponsor a few teachers from Parijat Academy for appointment in these schools.
I read about Uttam some years ago and was in contact with him through mail, encouraging him to open an account in some bank where people can contribute directly to the account.
Yesterday I got this reply.


Today I got the ICICI bank account number of Parijat Academy.
Now you can directly transfer to this account.


ICICI Bank Ltd
Account No. 054301001492
Account Name: Parijat Academy
Branch: Fancy Bazar
Address: Ohio Shoping Complex, M G Road
Fancy Bazar, Kamrup District
Guwahati-781001, Assam

Looking forward to hear from you


Uttam Teron
Parijat Academy
a school for underprivileged children
Pamohi, P.O. Garchuk, Guwahati-781035, Assam
mobile: 9864041711


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