Golden Temple

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Golden Temple, originally uploaded by Serhan Keser.

The holy Golden Temple (a.k.a Harmandir Sahib) is an a m a z i n g place. The glamorous and captivating atmosphere inside is something every one should experience at least 'once' in a life time.

Anyone who wants to enter the Harmandir Sahib may do so, irrespective of religion, color, creed or sex. The only restrictions are that the person must not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes in the shrine. Visitors are, as well, expected to dress appropriately and everyone must cover their heads as a sign of respect, leave their shoes and socks in the cloak-room outside and enter the temple 'barefooted'. Visitors must wash their feet in the small pool of water as they enter the Harmandir Sahib premises.

Shot in Golden Temple, Amritsar (Majha region of Punjab, India.)


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Wow! What a frame! **applause applause**

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