A mysterious little boy

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A mysterious little boy, originally uploaded by goddessofxanadu.

i'd often see this little lad on the Temple road, in Mc Leod Ganj. He seemed to be afflicted with cerebral palsy or some such, he would drag a leg and drool, as he is doing here, and generally appear pitifully afflicted..

However, after dark, i'd see him slipping through the shadows like a greased eel, although I could never be 100% sure it was him, perhaps i'm wrong, but i don't think so...there was too much life and mischief in those eyes for one so stricken.

The street kids of Mc Leod fascinated me with their ability to survive, their bottomless boxes of tricks for the hapless tourist really a breathtaking endeavor of ingenuity.

Ive always left Mc Leod before the snows come, but always wondered how the kids survive then. One year i mean to stay through the cold season at one of the settlements to see how I can make my self useful, and learn from these incredible folk.

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