Theyyam: Vettakkorumakan

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Theyyam: Vettakkorumakan, originally uploaded by Dr.Rajesh.

The MAHABHAARATHAM depicts, the younger brother of Emperor Yudhistiran and also the foremost celebrity of the bow and arrow named as Arjunan once embarked a highly thorny THAPASS ( traditional practice like worship, praying ) to gratify Bhagavaan Sivan ( one of the trinities of Hindu culture ) for getting a highly pungent sanctified ASTHRAM ( arrow ) known as PAASUPATHAASTRAM.
The THAPASS went on for years. Surveillance of all these concentrated devotion, Bhagavaan Sivan comprehended his time to bless Arjunan has arrived. He decided to transform into a VEETTAKKAARAN ( hunter ) to assess the ability of Arjunan before hallowing him.
In short, the VEETTAKKARAN provoked Arjunan. Without realizing that the VEETTKKAARAN in front of him is Bhagavaan Sivan, started the combat. In the end, Bhagavaan became happy by the adroitness shown by his aficionado. VEETTAKKARAN appeared in his original form and presented the PAASHUPATHAASTHRAM.When Bhagavaan Sivan was in the form of VEETTAKKAARAN, Paarvathi Devi ( spouse of the former ) also transformed into a VEETTAKKAARI ( hunter ). A son was born to them at that time, who is renowned as VEETTAKKORUMAKAN. The VEETTAKKORUMAKAN Theyyam is predominantly contemplated as the PARADEVATHA ( family god ) of the superior castes like Nairs, Nambiars, Kurups.
Long ago, a KOTTA ( fort ) at Balussery belonged to one Nair family was enmeshed by KURUMBRATHIRI also known as KURUMBRANAAD VAZHUNNOR. He was beseeched to switchback the castle to it's previous possessors. KURUMBRATHIRI acquiesced to handle back the KOTTA ( fort ) by suggesting an unfeasible mission for a little boy called as KAAROLA KIDAAV of that Nair family to confiscate the shells of 21,600 coconuts in a very terse time of closing and opening of an eye.
At that moment there footed a man with an incredible guise. It was none other than the Vettakkorumakan. With the colossal vigor and verve of this giant, KIDAAV ( the small boy ) completed the task proposed to him by KURUMBRATHIRI. As the foe won, KURUMBRATHIRI has no other way. He handled the fort back to it's owners. Thus the Vettakkorumakan was idolized as the PARADEVATHA ( chief god of a family ) of the Nair castes.
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