Paternal Grandmother - Kaberi

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Deepak sits on the lap of his paternal grandmother in the Rajasthani evening. I spoke with his mum, Pooja, for quite a while, she spoke slowly using 'easy' Hindi and some english so I could understand her quite well.

Pooja said she had been relived in the extreme to have produced a son. She had been to the temple every day of her pregnancy to ask that it be so, and still gives thanks each day now.
She appeared a little afraid of Kaberi, and would not talk at all when she was around, just bowing her head.
Deepak was treated like a little prince she said, he would never be allowed to cry or want for attention, and although the family were poor, his needs were first and foremost. Pooja said she feared things would have been 'different' if she had a daughter. "different how?" I asked. But then she seemed to regret having said that and back pedalled.

Pooja seemed to live with a great deal of stress. Her brow was often creased with anxiety and strain. It appeared she was the family drudge. I think I was only tolerated because of the small gifts I bought. I'd met her in the market place, selling mouli, which I am very fond of. We had gotten talking, and she had invited me back to her house.


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