India Wins World Cup-12

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India Wins World Cup-12, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

After 28 years Indian Cricket Team won ICC World Cup defeating Sri Lanka by six wickets.Winning shot a sixer was hit by captain M.S.Dhoni at about 22.49 Earlier in the day streets of Delhi were deserted and people were watching match in theirs homes. After sunset one could see people assembling outside for community viewing of match on projected screens.Clubs cinema halls and restaurants had made special arrangements. Soon after one could hear busting of fire crackers or beating of drum to announce victory.People were seen dancing in streets.Roads leading to India Gate were suddenly full of cars and motor cycles carrying people with Indian tricolor.Delhi Police intially restricted movement of traffic to India Gate hexagon but later relented..It is reported that Ms Sonia Gandhi chairperson National Democratic Alliance was also seen congratulating citizens of Delhi


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