Bye India, I'll miss you.

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I'm going to miss India. The culture of India runs through my veins. The experiences; unforgettable. A kid running up to me, just to get their photo taken; priceless. Even though I have lived here for shorter than any other place ever, I have had better experiences than ever. They always say "hindsight 20/20" when people end up missing somewhere they hated to live, but I have some foresight 20/20, and I know I am going to miss everything about India. In these exact six months that I have lived here, I have made better friends than ever, taken better photos than ever, learned about Hinduism and a culture that seemed so different to ours. All of these experiences, I would never trade for anything. I have no regrets about India, except for not staying longer.

Everyone should look past the trash in the streets, and the spitting, and see that India is home to the nicest group of people on the planet, that will do anything and everything just to make you happy. Indians who we had just met a few weeks prior, would invite us to weddings, dinners, grill-outs, and gatherings. Their religion may seem ridiculous from a western point of view, but by befriending some Indians who were Hindus, and talking to them about their religion, I find it to be incredibly amazing. From proverb to proverb, they live in a better way because their religion is built on the sayings of what is right and wrong, and hospitality. They then share these with you, and rarely ever mistreat you.

Everyone should be able to experience this at least once. Unfortunately, going to see the Taj Mahal, and walking around the posh streets of Delhi doesn't get you to see the real India, but if, and when you do, you will fall in love with it just like I have.


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