Janmashtami-Dahi Handi

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Janmashtami-Dahi Handi, originally uploaded by anupama kinagi.

A seven to eight layer human pyramid collapses while attempting to break the dahi handi. “The Govindas” (Troupes of Lord Krishna) forming a human pyramid to break the handi which is suspended at a height of 20 to 40 feet. More than 400 organisations set up dahi handis all over the city.

Dahi Handi is a popular ceremony held on the second day of Janmashthami, the festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna. The word ‘dahi’ means ‘curd,’ while ‘handi’ means pot. These words refer to the pot of curd, which is to be claimed as a prize during this special ceremony.

This ceremony actually reenacts the childhood pranks of Lord Krishna, who had a special affinity towards milk and butter. The lord along with his friends used to steal milk and butter from the houses in their village. Usually these food items would be hung from the roof beams to keep them out of reach. The Lord along with his friends used to form a human pyramid and reach the food items and steal them.


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