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travelling, originally uploaded by navspun.

I stepped out of my house with elated steps, thinking about the beautiful moment I was just about to experience in another hour. My heart was beating fast and nerves were too warm to understand the busy traffic of the city. after a few minutes wait I got into an Autorickshaw ( a public means of transport a bike with three tyres) and headed my way to meet her, after an year of separation.
I rehearsed the moment of meeting her again and again in my mind but always thought that lets do it once more.

Oh I was so happy and joyful.

As we crossed one road after another and a street after another street we entered into a small lane. Slowly the city scape started to go out of my visions. The excitement of meeting my friend was replaced by a sudden moments of grief. I witnessed a surrounding so deserted and untouched that my joyfulness was morphed into senseless emotion.
As the auto zoomed passed these quarters I managed to take these 2 images but several other remained deep in my hearts.

I did meet her, but for some reason I was not with her. Since then I havent met her and dont think it will ever work out.


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