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The President's Bodyguard is an elite household cavalry regiment of the Indian Army. Its primary role is to escort and protect the President of India and is based in the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, India. It is a mounted unit, with horses for ceremonies at the presidential palace and BTR-60 vehicles for use in combat.
The regiments history dates back to 30 September 1773. It was created during the Company rule in India as a personal bodyguard for the Governor General of India and was then known as the Troop of Moghuls. It was later renamed to the Viceroy's Bodyguard in 1858 when the Indian Empire was officially established. It changed its name again to the Governor General's Bodyguard when India became a Commonwealth Dominion in 1947. It took on its modern name when India became a full republic in 1950.
In 2003, it had 7 officers, 15 NCOs, and 140 enlisted men, for a total strength of 180 men. Throughout its history, the Bodyguard has varied in size from 50 men when first raised, to 1,929 men in 1845. However, it was usually around squadron size, or about 130 men. The current commanding officer is Brigadier Charanjit Singh Virk. By tradition, the CO has always been of Brigadier or Colonel rank. He is assisted by Majors, Captains, Risaldars and Daffadars. Ordinary soldiers hold the ranks of Sowar or Naik.

Every Saturday at 8AM Change of Guards ceremony takes place on foregrounds of Presidents House Delhi.Here are some photos taken on this occasion.


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