This madness can happen

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This madness can happen, originally uploaded by Bindaas Madhavi.

only here in India I suppose!!

Ramlila -- a street stage play of the mythology Ramayana. Primary characters mostly enacted by kids who barely have their mustaches growing out. Sponsored by the Maharaja of Kashi this play takes momentum for almost a month. The final day culminates with an Aarti by the Maharaja at the first break of the dawn.
So what madness to do with this?
Well to watch this event people gather at the grounds by around 3am prettymuch sleep out in the grounds to get the prime viewing spot. The character in their full costume were ready on the stage by 3am. The dawn broke at 6am by then the place entire place was so packed that even if one moved then there was a wave effect among the crowd.
All this for a glimpse of the Kashi Naresh, a 5 minute Aarti
if this is not madness wonder what it takes for that !!


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