Flower Seller

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Flower Seller, originally uploaded by Lynn Morag.

We set off before 5am to arrive early at the flower market. Even so many people were leaving having already made their purchases. The atmosphere was wonderful with heaps of flowers everywhere. It was very dark inside - the blooms were illuminated by hanging lamps so I took almost all the shots without flash.
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Life here often requires hard work. The heat would spoil many of these flowers later ... and people need flowers and garlands for the temples. Women wear fresh jasmine in their hair each day (no need for perfume!) So the traders buy their wares, return home and get weaving to sell their purchases and catch early morning commuters and worshippers. Creating the jasmine garlands is like weaving or knitting. Each flower bud is individually knotted into a length of cool, fragrant rope. But huge wreaths are also created for use in temples or hanging on gods or statues. They are used in pujas - a sort of blessing ceremony.


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