Le maître de danse

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The Gu-stor festival begins with a ceremony in which liquid offering is presented to invite the gods of the four quarters to witness the sacred dances and protect all living beings from the evil spirits. The resident lamas of the Thiksay monastery, wearing masks of various divinities,which include the guardians of law or 'Dharmapalas',and patron divinities of the Geluk-pa monastic order.In closing of the 2-day festival ends with the dismemberment and dispersal of the 'Storma' (sacrificial cake molded from dough is in a ceremony called Dao-Tulva) by the leader of the Black Hat dancers in a ceremony called 'Argham' of 'Killing’ with the help of ritual weapons that symbolizes the banishment of the enemies of the religion(also re-enacts the assassination of the Tibetan apostate King Lang-dar-ma by a Buddhist monk during the mid 9th century).Its pieces are then dispersed in the 4 cardinal directions. This symbolizes the destruction of all forms of evil. In some monasteries, an effigy symbolizing the strong forces of evil is burnt at the end of the festival.

suivra un texte un peu plus documenté et plus adapté à Karsha....


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