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Compagnie 111's Plan B, created by Aurélien Bory. Bonjour-India Festival, Chennai 2009.

Plan B starts with this bit where neatly dressed men in business suits stand up on a inclined plane and slide down relentlessly for about thirty to forty times, to emphasis how life goes by as one just watches it. Later on they proceed to perform some of their innovative gravity defying bits, which were truly entertaining.

This is part of the on going Bonjour-India Festival. More info available on their webpage .

In their own words
Four acrobats sliding on a mobile plane (inclined, horizontal, vertical), a few white balls magically suspended in mid-air, a flurry of lights and music: this is Plan B for you, a show of Compagnie 111 directed by the New-Yorker Phil Soltanoff, combining the best of circus, theatre and video art. From an imaginative renewal of the experience of space and the laws of gravity, gradually emerges a poetic discourse. In Plan B, dream and farce unfold in a new poetics of space.

Artistic movements of the 20’s such as constructivism; the Bauhaus have greatly influenced the creations of Compagnie 111. Other artistic forms present on stage, namely lights, sound, live electronic music, video, dance, design, magic and shadow play, are all laced into one unique creation. Plan B is not only full of creativity, humour and poetry, but also represents a mind-boggling example of technical perfection. Their mastery of the circus arts leads the four men to defy the universal laws of space and gravity. What remains is slow motion, energy, buoyancy.

Olivier Alenda, Aurélien Bory, Pierre Cartonnet, Loic Praud
with Sylvian Lafourcade, Stéphane Ley, Arnaud Veyrat

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