The Sarangi Player

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The Sarangi Player, originally uploaded by Atul Tater.

Sarangi is the most important instrument in the folk music of Rajasthan. Probably the ancestor of violin, this instrument has two main strings and a variable number of supporting strings, with a belly of half a coconut shell and a body of bamboo. The Sarangi serves as an echo of the singer.

And accompanying the Sarangi is the Dholak. it is a two-sided drum like structure made of wood with membranes covering the hollow structure which adds rhythm to the soul-stirring music.

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Anonymous on July 20, 2010 at 6:08 AM

Its not Sarangi its Ravanhatta

Dear Sir

I am free lance film maker/Researcher from Desert of India (Rajasthan). I recorded more then 100 hours of Folk Performances of Rajasthani Folk Artists.

I like to correct you sir that to whom you are saying Sarangi its not Sarangi its Ravanhatta and the person who is playing it is Bhopa (Priest of Local Deity name Pabuji).

Please sir don't call it Sarangi because it miss direct the other person who wants to know about Desert Folk Artists.

I am just requesting you to don't call it sarangi

Sarangi is also String Instrument and it played by Other Musician community Called Langa.

its Ravanhatta which you are calling Sarangi.

If you want to more information about this instrument or other from Rajasthan please contact me I am ready to share what I know from my work experience on Folk Art and Artists of Rajasthan.

Praveen Singh Rathre
Videographer/Researcher of Folk Art and Artist
of Rajasthan
mail -

Comment by Vickey Kumar on December 12, 2012 at 1:48 AM

Dear sir
kis village me ye instrument banta hai....

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