At Nabhya's level

10:03 PM / Posted by li i /

This little girl is Nabhya, looking over the shoulder of mum, Sunita, who was camera shy.They both have leprosy and need to beg for their living. Although Sunita's leprosy was advanced and no longer curable (i never saw her face,she never showed it. 'bad' she said.) Nabyha's case is still at a curable stage and I was relieved to hear that Nabhya is being treated at a free facility in Jaipur where they live. Sunita bought out her treatment card to show me, as if to emphasise that she was taking care of her daughter properly, and is a good mum. I had no doubts about that, she seemed a lovely woman.
Nabhya was gorgeous, full of curiosity and mischief, often running around mum and getting herself in to trouble. One day I saw her exploring someone's scooter, and oops- pulling it over.She was fast enough to dodge the falling bike, thankfully.


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