Essence of Pushkar

10:40 AM / Posted by li i /

Man, this place is so beautiful, you can't imagine. I walk these ghats in my dreams and always have done. Its the place I like best on Earth. My little guesthouse room overlooks this beautiful view, and in the mornings I am awakened to beautiful kirtans (Hindu mantra chants) , very early. It seems like Pushkar is on another plane, part of the astral. Alas, People suffer on the astral too. The tourists come in busloads now, and just stay for a few hours to shop in the little lanes, and holy men sell heroin on the ghats, but even those things don't den't its magic, for me anyhow.

You aren't supposed to take photo's here - that pool is the bathing ghat (communal bathroom) but everything looked so right here I had to click. The girl in the foreground holding out her washing kind of makes it for me,somehow. And the single bird flying over the buildings.


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