Grandma : When a child is born, so are grandmothers.

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A woman carrying her grandchild : A view from Nelliampaty.
We were going back to our room after the long trek. On the way nearby my resort, I head a baby crying and when I went there, I saw an old woman carrying a crying kid. Seeing them I went near to them and showed the cam. The kid stopped crying and started looking at me. Then after playing with baby for a minute, I asked for a shot. Grandma was very happy to pose and all excited when I showed the photo. She said she is ready to pay for it, is it possible to give them a print? I said, why not, no need for any cash n all, ll give the print when I come back next time.. I am so sure that I will visit Nelliyampathy again in a few months time. I will sure visit them too and give them a print


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