Exquisite sculpture ...

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At Kailasanathar Temple, Kanchipuram.

- Inside garba gudi, there is a passage which goes around the huge siva linga, and its story goes like this - "There is a small passage entrance to the right of the shivalingam through which all devotees are asked to go around the lingam. Exit is small like the entrance...Entire going around can be done by walking. Crawl to get in, walk around and then crawl to get out by the left side of the lingam. This signifies that we crawl our initial days and then walk and grow and then crawl back again. This way Shiva ensures that there is no punarjanma or rebirth for the souls who completes this round."

- Temple also contains numerous panels showing lord Siva as Nataraja in various postures. This sculpture is one of them.


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