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mother&children, originally uploaded by bhisham.

have they been immunized? begging for survival in the central market place at gandhinagar gole market. but happy. tribals from madhya pradesh. its surprising that you can see these people walk around gandhi nagar (avg house cost: USD 450,000) full of ministers, diplomatic observers and the kind of ppl who can get things done on the phone etc and why is no body making any effort to rehabilitate these people or at least give them a formal identity | i talked to some one who is working on social issues about these people and he replied that, "they werent from the state" another said, "they dont want to be rehabilitated, they make more money on the street begging and many are addicts". i really dont know what the truth is but all i could do is buy some milk powder for that kid and hope that as we progress as a country as mother India, we take all along | if every vote counts 2


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