Feeding the world..

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Feeding the world.., originally uploaded by AnRb.

This picture was taken in a village near Kalpaakam, Tamil Nadu-India. The woman in the picture with couple of old men dry the hay stacks on the village roads every morning and later in the day remove the stacks and sweep the rice grains that settles at the bottom. Then toss those grains on the air to remove the hay left out. Then fill the bags with the grains and ship to the rice mill where rice is separated and polished, which then switches lot more hands before finally ending up in the plate as nice cooked food.

These people are paid a very meager amount to stand in the scorching sun entire day and separate the grains. Even though large machines have replaced these works recently in large scale harvesting , there are so many people who still continue to do this just to run their day to day life.

Being so fortunate to have our food cooked and served ready on our plates, we should make sure it is never wasted. I feel bad when some people complain a little extra or less salt or spice in their food and throwing them without realizing that it takes lot of people's hard work, their sweat and blood to get it to the plate.


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