Paddy Fields.

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Paddy Fields., originally uploaded by Kausthub.

Prabhakaran, Ganesh and I had planned an all day shooting trip to Pondicherry and beyond. However as we drove along, one subject after another kept popping up, and we had to cut short our trip, as we not only ran out of time, but also of compact flash cards to store more photos.

This photo was one of the stops we made. A typical farm scene in the Indian Country side. Many women group together to plant paddy plants, which will feed the nation with Rice. The contrast between the color of the plants and that of the women's clothes made this an eye-stopper for us.

I took a few shots of this, and moved a bit so that I could get the two fishermen too in the nearby river into the frame.

Photographed with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM L Lens and Canon EF 2X Extender. Handheld.


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