Udaygiri Caves

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Udaygiri Caves, originally uploaded by Raveesh Vyas.

Technically speaking, these are not actually caves. These are massive carved structures made during the Gupta period(4th-5th cent.). Most of these sculptures are dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu and his different incarnations. The one above shows Vishnu in the form of a boar. Bhudevi (Goddess Earth) is seen on his shoulder.

The story goes that some Asura (demon) had immersed the earth underwater. The Yakshas (Demigods; the ones in red) pleaded Lord Vishnu to save the earth as it was being contaminated. This is why Vishnu assumed the form of a boar/pig to pull the earth out from the filth.

Stories apart, this place shows the skill of the artists who worked during the Gupta rule. The original colour of the above sculpture was red. it can still be seen in the RHS. Over time, rain and sunlight have taken their toll on the carvings. If only the Madhya Pradesh Department of Tourism could do more to protect this place.


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